I have been crying for so long but I have never been sick,
Hot liquid continually stroll down my cheek,
Everyone sees me in a state of delirium.
I’m derailing off the healthy lane to your asylum.

I am a weeping spring over your forlorn footprints,
I dream all over again of our love stints,
I have gone far and wide,
I have lost my stallion to the cupid to ride.
But none satisfy the quench of my heart,
No one seems to care as much as you had done like that.

I saw you deep in my dreams,
I saw you when my mind tried to make memes,
I can call over your name in my mind,
But the feeling has turn away from my hand.
Shallow, is what my heart has become,
I am now the lonely man people have said.
The world and his wife is my mashed heart like a potato for a toothless child.
The world now see me naked as a jaybird heart and there is no safe haven to hide

I am going towards uncertainty every passing day,
I have cease to see the light coming with a ray,
My heart no longer see me and smile,
My psyche has seen life in the lands of lies.

Oh my sanity!,
My eyes stings when I open them,
Early in the morning when I thought you were a gem,
Now, I blink and cry,
Now, I cry and dream of making my feelings to die.
I stand near ladies every other day,
I smile to people every passing day,
But deep down I have wounds in my soul,
Deep down, my spirits has become so low,
I’m now at the fringe of life,
I am now living a lonely life.
I know none of words would bring you back,
I know all of your love I will always lack,
I’m going to continue looking up to the sky,
Hoping one day you will be back.

By: Shittu ‘Feymous’ Abubakar

A creative entity, big dreamer, music and book lover.


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