How to Dream Big

From Childhood, Dreaming has always been my thing. I had been aspiring to reach for the stars. I had this enthusiastic fantasies and aspiration for achieving big things in life.

Dreaming involves holding tight to a vision of a better life, one of success and abundance.
Everyone of us is a dreamer. But how we dream is what makes us different and how big it could be.
Its a norms for the people of the world to dismiss some of us as pure noise,
having mere hallucinations or day dreaming but there are enormous benefits to dreaming often and dreaming big even though getting there might be difficult, having to deal with setbacks and failures along the way, it’s surely well worth it.
Anyone who’s achieved a big goal knows just how true that statement is.
Sadly, many of us give up on our dreams.
We throw in that proverbial towel when the going gets tough. We give up rather than persist through the torment and pain of another failure.
The need to dream big started as a result of refusing to live a normal life like everyone else. The love for uniqueness brought about dreaming big in a different way from everyone else direction.
There’s nothing quite like
being a dreamer, and
having wild visions of a life that you know you’re destined to live, even if you’re not living it today, in this very moment.
Dreaming is a part of everyone. Know that your dream should be big enough that you should be scared about them when you remember them or the steps in making them come true.
The only thing holding you back from achieving them, is yourself. Only you can hinder yourself. Only you can be your own worst enemies out of fear and not totally believing in yourself.

You can decide to take action towards the life of your dreams and overcome that little or big fear that is eating you up. This choice is ultimately up to you but here are some plan of actions to help you achieve a dream.

My High school teacher usually say to me “If you believe, you can achieve”. It’s based on belief and your mindset towards your dreams.
Everything begins in the heart and mind. Every great achievement began in the mind of the dreamer. They dared to dream, to believe that it was possible. Take some moments to ask yourself positively “What if?”. Don’t let negative thinking discourage you. Don’t let people’s comments about you to discourage you. Dream of the possibilities for yourself, and ignore the obstacles. Belief you are a winner and that what you are. Believe you are failure and that what you are.

2. HAVE FOCUS:Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.” — Jack Canfield.
Being focused helps to enhance one’s dream. If one have a deep focus at the direction of the goals.
However, no matter what types of goals you might have, there’s a probability that you won’t achieve them if you don’t follow the basic steps involved with setting those goals the right way and achieving them. Focus is definitely needed.
Focus is everything.
What you focus on, you get more of. No matter what it is you aspire for in life, if you focus on it, you’ll surely get it.
People who dream big are focused on those dreams. They live and breathe those dreams. They have wild-eyed fantasies about those dreams coming to fruition. And, if they don’t give up, those dreams do come true because they focused on them. They steered towards them, even in the difficult times when it seemed like they were just going to crash and burn.

3. WRITE A CLEAR LIST: This is simply the art of writing down in a clear list, your wishes and desire in life.
This list can help provide you with a clear plan on what you truly want from life i.e Goal setting. Our mind tells us that we should be further along in our careers, academics or that we should be making more money, or that we should have it all figured out and other areas of life.
These can only be statements from our thoughts and won’t see the light of the day. That’s why it’s a very powerful tool to write this list as a
stepping stone to live a life based on what you choose for yourself and not what the society chooses for you.
Well that’s all well and good, but how exactly do you go about setting a goal? Contrary to popular
belief, goal setting isn’t simply about imagining what you want to
achieve. When applied properly, goal setting is actually a tool in itself that can greatly increase your chances of making your dreams a reality.
Set your goals properly today by starting to writing them down preferably on a paper and read them aloud to yourself on a daily basis.

4. TAKE ACTION: Once you have a clear mind it’s time to take that life list of yours and start prioritizing. Take the
biggest goals on your list and break these down into small actionable steps.
Be honest with yourself, but be disciplined enough where you get your tasks accomplished. Do not even allow your mind to think; simply get to work. The quicker you commit to whatever action it is you’re trying to accomplish; the less time you will have to overthink and analyze.
Actions doesn’t have to be perfect before make you kick off. Don’t get yourself caught up in this crippling notion. Just get started!
Therefore, it is crucial to set deadlines for yourself to ensure your action steps get accomplished.
And about negativities during your cause of action, know that negativity from people are constant, the way you react to them is what defines you. Don’t listen to any of this negativity. Instead, take action and focus on you. Start building out your dreams by putting yourself to work. Nothing will ever materialize if you don’t take action.
What differentiate a mere dreamer from you is the action you take. We can
all dream and have
fantasies until action is taken. Action is Key.

5. IMPROVE YOURSELF: Taking actions is not the last steps towards your dreams. You have to improve yourself consistently in other to make your actions to be productive. Your actions will starts to give results to you. This result can either be positive or negative which depends on the amount of energy and dedication you put in. From this results, You will be able to see where your work can be improved and in this way, constantly improve yourself to increase and enrich your productivity.
Learn from previous mistakes and improve from them and do not allow the setbacks to weigh you down. This is where you need persistency.
Following this process is a sure-fire way to start in the direction of your dreams. However, it can sometimes be difficult to go at it alone. If you find that you are still afraid to take action or that you need help being held accountable then it might be time to look into hiring a life coach, read books and get motivated.

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