Like the fall of the new rain on a sandy land,
Your footsteps solemnize on my mind,
Thumping every part of my aching heart,
Your true love solely sat.
Bustling like the old Northern wind,
My eyes with a promise rescind,
Telling my mind you have to look back,
At the sight I so much wanted, the one I lack.
Gearing each day to see your pretty face,
Dreaming of you each and every day,
My mind, so restless became too loving,
Waiting to hear your voice, your talking.
First day we spoke, first day we kissed,
The meals together and the dates we missed,
All are marked on my calendar,
For your love for me to always remember.
I don’t know if it will become a rainbow storm,
Or a mirage that fades away as I come.
Sincerely I am not sure of the one I want,
Just the best for both of us.
I am not pro­mising neither being indifferent,
This affair, solely to you is the judgement,
If one day it will lead to an hatred line,
Or eventually, one day our kids will smile.

By: Shittu Feymous Abubakr

A creative entity, big dreamer, music and book lover.

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