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    The blacksmith’s boy went out with a rifle and a black dog running behind. Cobwebs snatched at his feet, rivers hindered him, thorn branches caught at his eyes to make him blind and the sky turned into an unlucky opal, but he didn’t mind. I can break branches, I can swim rivers, I can stare out any spider I meet, said he to his dog and his rifle. The blacksmith’s boy went over the paddocks with his old black hat on his head. Mountains jumped in his way, rocks rolled down on him, and the old crow cried, You’ll soon be dead. And the rain came down like mattocks. But…

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    What kills you before death comes

      What actually kills us before death comes? Death is inescapable but there is something that actually kill us all before the actual arrival of The Grim Reaper. Its our FEARS!!! Fear is a very powerful emotion and a strong force that alters one life, but most people never want to talk about how very strong the power of fear can affect our lives and decisions we make in life. Fear is that human emotion that sends a danger signal to our brain and plays a very important role in keeping us away from trouble. If fear is being experienced for trivial or logical cause, It’s okay and normal but the…

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    A night to remember

    An unsettling feeling began swelling inside me. It seems there was something wrong in the — but I couldn’t quite tell where or what it was. I felt as though I had entered a house with the gas stove left on; the atmosphere was dense and strange, though apparently invisible to my eyes. I just received an alert on my phone and it was debit. I’ve been in the hostel since morning after I returned back from the class. Suddenly, I realized what it was: I’ve just been defrauded. My heart started pounding at an increasingly rapid pace. I checked my watch, almost noon. Who could have done this? My…

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    What’s Beautiful?

      What’s Beautiful? What’s beautiful is not the rose, Because the rose itself, is a result. What’s beautiful is not the engine. What’s beautiful, is the wonders of combustion. What’s beautiful is what you can do, To help someone create something that can Shine. What’s beautiful Is helping another soul to smile, Even if it makes you frown. What’s beautiful Is the Dromedary, Duelling with the Dune, to take Herb and spice to The other side. What’s beautiful Is not always seen. What’s beautiful, Is that inner finesse, that spurs our fire works! – Chika Kalu Oze

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    Reasons why you’re unhappy

    Reasons why you’re unhappy. I sometimes met with some certain people who usually complain about how life isn’t as fulfilling as it used to be. They’re utterly unsatisfied with the way things are. Some certain people tend to fall into sadness as a result of things that goes in their lives. It is expected to experience this state of emotion sometimes as a result of response to adverse life events which include loss of loved ones, major life changes, pain, and disappointment. In most cases, the sad feelings resolve as you come to terms with the changes in your life but some certain people couldnt figure out what exaclty brought…