What’s Beautiful?


What’s Beautiful?

What’s beautiful is not the rose,
Because the rose itself, is a result.

What’s beautiful is not the engine.
What’s beautiful, is the wonders of combustion.

What’s beautiful is what you can do,
To help someone create something that can

What’s beautiful
Is helping another soul to smile,
Even if it makes you frown.

What’s beautiful Is the Dromedary, Duelling with the Dune, to take Herb and spice to
The other side.

What’s beautiful Is not always seen.
What’s beautiful, Is that inner finesse, that spurs our fire works!

Chika Kalu Oze

A creative entity, big dreamer, music and book lover.

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  • Shittu

    What’s beautiful is the hard work and not the sight earning rave views.
    What’s beautiful is your muscular work and not the pretty eyes behind it.
    What’s beautiful is you and me not what we are though to be

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