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What kills you before death comes



What actually kills us before death comes?
Death is inescapable but there is something that actually kill us all before the actual arrival of The Grim Reaper.
Its our FEARS!!!

Fear is a very powerful emotion and a strong force that alters one life, but most people never want to talk about how very strong the power of fear can affect our lives and decisions we make in life.
Fear is that human emotion that sends a danger signal to our brain and plays a very important role in keeping us away from trouble.
If fear is being experienced for trivial or logical cause, It’s okay and normal but the moments our lives are filled with so much fear, It start to become harmful.

There is no person in this world who’d say he/she doesn’t fear anything. But some people are so much overpowered by this emotion. Each day they dread death and pondered a million times before they embark on even the simple things.
Negative hormones associated with the emotions get produced in our brains as a result and affect our body as well as mind.

Worrying too much and being over-anxious can bring fear into us. Fear stops emotional growth and feelings. It keeps you feeling like a powerless individual and a victim of that fear.
People have various causes of their fears and what they are fearful of.
I decided to ask my acquaintances and folks of what they fear or are scared of in life. Here’s what they say:

  • I’m scared of the many responsibilities that comes with adult life.
      -Joshua Ebuka
  • I fear the future, because I don’t know what all my efforts would look like.
      -Monzurah Babatunde
  • I’m scared of rejection from people.
      -Abdulbasit Issa
  • My greatest fear in life is loosing my mum
      -Samuel Godwin
  • I’m scared of snakes and
      -Shittu Abubakr
  • Fear of poverty
      -Ololade Dundu
  • I’m scared of darkness and failure
      -Kemisola Bello
  • I fear making wrong decisions and failure
       -Funmilayo Ayodele
  • My greatest fear in life is death and failing in my endeavors.
      -Olakunle Abdulraheem

What causes most battles to be lost is unfounded fear of the enemy’s strength. Fear comes to you when you’re not sure of what to do and pre occupied with indecisiveness. Stop sitting idle and do something. Stop living in Illusion. Believe in yourself and trust your instincts. Don’t be scared of the future but instead prepare for it. Make plans for the life you desire to live in the future. Expect to be let down sometimes. Never fear people are going to leave your lives. Humans are bound to leave. Never fear failure or mistakes, those who never fail or make mistakes are those who never tried anything at all. Never fear rejection and it shouldn’t dwell in your thoughts that you ain’t good enough, skilled or talented enough cause from there, you will be scared to face people.

To tackle your anxieties with confidence, you don’t have to keep running from fear when there’s are ways to overcome and eradicate each and every fear you face.
Do not let worries and anxiety get to you. Distract yourself from worries and fear everyday. Avoiding fears only makes them scarier. Whatever you fear, if you face it, it should start to fade away. Always be ready to accept every possible outcome of your deeds. Try imagining the worst thing that can happen. No matter what it may be, just believe that, ‘Whatever is meant to be, will be!’. The fear will run away the more you chase it. Sometimes, some certain fears may seem to be out of your control such as the fear of something bad happening to you, but realize that your fear is not your savior.
Life is so full of stresses, but still we all seek for perfections. Some days are worse and setbacks will always happen, and it’s important to remember that life is messy. If you place fear at the back of your mind on your journey, that’s what will haunt you and you will not leave a spot.
Use your fear as an advantage but not against yourself.
Fear will seem to be just a word if you don’t let it ride on you. Find the reason behind it and solve your problems.
Fear arises when you let yourself fear the ‘fear’. Find the hidden reason behind your fear and kill it.

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