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The rats and diamond

A rat once swallowed a diamond and the owner of the diamond contracted a man to kill the rat. When the rat hunter arrived to kill the rat, there were more than a thousand rats bunched up, and one sitting by itself away from the pack.
He killed the one sitting by itself and that was the exact one that had swallowed the diamond.
The owner of the diamond was amazed and asked the hunter, “How did you know it was that rat that swallowed my diamond?”
“Very easy,” the hunter smiled. “When idiots get rich they don’t mix with old friends.”

This post is not all  about tales of rats swallowing diamonds but about arrogance.

Arrogance? They say it when you’re ‘bigging yourself up’ or ‘feeling yourself’ or which ever way, whether publicly or just inside your own mind.

It is also defined as the act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner. It synonymous to egotism, grandiosity, pretentious etc.

Arrogance is a way of manipulating others’ perceptions of yourself in order to avoid taking a “hit” to your self-esteem. You however, feel special and flawless and diverting attention from your ordinary imperfections, weaknesses and failings — and thereby keeping your self-esteem artificially inflated as a result of your status or what you’ve just acquired.

Most of us has this habit and (or) have seen people exhibiting it.

Now the question is – Is arrogance a bad thing? Is arrogance also self-confidence?
Someone could say arrogance could lead to recklessness which is likely to be self-destructive, while someone else could have the opinion that arrogance could be as a result of being confident in oneself and something good could come out of it.

What’s your opinion?
Drop your comments below.

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  • Abdulkadri Abdulmuiz Idowu

    Indeed arrogance is a bad thing. Let’s not be moved by or allow our accomplishments or the the praises people lavish on us get into our heads. Because the moment we do, arrogance sets in and it will be that start to your downfall. The story of the rat above said it all. Be humble !!!!!

  • Aishah

    Being self confident or having self esteem does not mean being arrogant, though quite synonymous, Arrongancy involves making undue claims in an overbearing manner, its a species of pride which consist in exorbitant claims of rank,dignity,estimation, or power or which exalts the worth or importance of the person to an undue degree…so I think being self confident is good but arrogancy is bad.

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