Lies No Truth, In Lies


Lies No Truth In Lies.

Heard of the tale,
Of the doll that grew?
A trek down google,
Could put you in the know!

There lies no truth
In a lie at all;
‘cause a lie, is a lie,
Is a lie: just as a lie.

You could paint it,
Or garnish it in a pastel’s
Hue; or call it white,
Innocent or constructive.

You could bury the truth,
In the sands or darker tombs.
But let the wise-ing know-
Buried things rear heads.

Hide it in religious cloaks,
Pass it by idea’s caravans,
Swear it by your oath,
But does that change a thing?

There is no just living;
Like breathing in the plain.
So when at last
You lie in your Cask.
Men would cross their hearts,
On you.

-Chika Kalu Oze

A creative entity, big dreamer, music and book lover.


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