I felt depleted professing this love every day
I desired to be the good man for you in every way
But now, I’m not just cut out for this
Not anymore, my soul is too feeble for all this risk
I can’t trust the love you offered me without deceit

Yes, deceit is what you’ve been offering
And I’m a little child left in the hands of suffering
That love that I used to be so crazy about
Is suddenly growing weary and sailing away to the south.

Where is our love?
God,Rest its soul!
How could I ressurect a broken heart?
Over! Never!!
I won’t let my world to slowly fall apart
Even when I’m divided by hurtful decisions
Now I see deceit sweeping across the clouds.
I should stop chasing fools gold and settle for mother lode.

I used to sit here with your deceits but I rather go solo playing my guitar
You left me a stinging sensation, and a bitter aroma of the aloe vera
But sadly unaware, You tricked me to believe I’d be yours forever
I swear I was patient,waiting for the cloud to pour down its water.
But its time to desert you to stare out the window at the weeping willow in this cold weather.
You dont deserve me, and I promise not to look back forever.

A creative entity, big dreamer, music and book lover.

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