• Poetry

    What’s Beautiful?

      What’s Beautiful? What’s beautiful is not the rose, Because the rose itself, is a result. What’s beautiful is not the engine. What’s beautiful, is the wonders of combustion. What’s beautiful is what you can do, To help someone create something that can Shine. What’s beautiful Is helping another soul to smile, Even if it makes you frown. What’s beautiful Is the Dromedary, Duelling with the Dune, to take Herb and spice to The other side. What’s beautiful Is not always seen. What’s beautiful, Is that inner finesse, that spurs our fire works! – Chika Kalu Oze

  • Article,  Lifestyle

    Reasons why you’re unhappy

    Reasons why you’re unhappy. I sometimes met with some certain people who usually complain about how life isn’t as fulfilling as it used to be. They’re utterly unsatisfied with the way things are. Some certain people tend to fall into sadness as a result of things that goes in their lives. It is expected to experience this state of emotion sometimes as a result of response to adverse life events which include loss of loved ones, major life changes, pain, and disappointment. In most cases, the sad feelings resolve as you come to terms with the changes in your life but some certain people couldnt figure out what exaclty brought…

  • Poetry

    Very faint ideas

    We All Have Very Faint Ideas! We all don’t really know Of figures we could embrace, If we could dearly spread our arms. We all would never tell the places we could reach, If we could simply make the move. We all don’t have a clue of songs we could sing, If we could softly raise our voices. We all don’t really know the tales we would tell, If we could justly craft the words. We all would never tell of visions we could see, If we could daringly raise our eyes. We all don’t have a clues The much we could love, If we could caringly use the heart.…

  • Fiction

    When cousins dont think.

                        When Cousins Don’t Think! Once, the Gorilla and the Chimpanzee met up with each other on a long, hot trail. They had no where to go in particular, though they had to go until they could find somewhere they could be safe. Hunters were harassing them, bush doctors wanted parts of their bodies for medicine and concoctions. Scientists needed to dissect their bodies for research and experiments. It was becoming a very unbearable existence for them…but, soon they reached a well. Both of them were very thirsty, and were dying for at least a drop of water. Both of them…

  • Poetry


    Rainbow.. Like the fall of the new rain on a sandy land, Your footsteps solemnize on my mind, Thumping every part of my aching heart, Your true love solely sat. .. Bustling like the old Northern wind, My eyes with a promise rescind, Telling my mind you have to look back, At the sight I so much wanted, the one I lack. .. Gearing each day to see your pretty face, Dreaming of you each and every day, My mind, so restless became too loving, Waiting to hear your voice, your talking. .. First day we spoke, first day we kissed, The meals together and the dates we missed, All…

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    Do it now, Not tomorrow.

    “Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” -Simone de Beauvoir We all hope and dream. We all have aspirations whether they are little or big. Do you also agree most of us have a goal list but the problem that usually arise is that we’re always thinking, I’ll get to it later; I’ve got time. There’s this task that you’ve been skipping and avoiding since days, or maybe, weeks? Yes? Okay, I know this has filled your imagination and you usually ask yourself when you’d be able to complete most of those activities and achieve your life goals but it hasn’t happened yet. The…

  • Non fiction

    Drag ropes not women

    I knew I was sleeping but I could hear voices. They were incoherent, like someone mumbling from afar. The noise precedes the cry of a little baby. I starts to open my eyes little by little and the sound become more audible and then realized it wasn’t a nightmare. Someone is hitting the door of one of the rooms with a strong force. “Open the door. Open it now!!.” That was the yelling voice that echoes in the four corners of the room. The voice succeeded the continuous banging of the portal of entry into the room and forceful turning of the door knob. The voice was familiar. It was…

  • Fiction


    BATTLING WITH MY FEARS   It is 4:30pm. You sit on your bed, yoga style. The other day, you had read in a blog post how this sitting position was the best for effective writing especially when one’s muse was being toyed with by their village people. That is exactly your present predicament and you’ve been sitting in this position for God knows how long. Your phone lay on your bed, open to a blank page on WPS Office. The cursor blinks on desperately, yearning to be utilized. Your head feels woolly. Many ideas swim inside it but none seem worth writing about. You want to write about your hard-to-please Creative…

  • Book Review

    The Fault in our Stars – John Green

      The Fault in Our Stars – John Green [Book Review]   I do not know to do Book reviews, but the so much brilliance and humor,and tragedy, and flirting,and love in this book eludes me. So,I would try my best to describe it in the best way I can,even though it is indescribable. Let me begin with saying that Mr. Green succeeded in creating a very honest,and deeply resonant story,though based on a premise that could have been mawkish if handled by some other writers. I love that he brilliantly tackled big themes – life,love and death – with this book. TFIOS stars 16-year-old Hazel Grace Lancaster, who for…